What is a Clearance Sale?

Clearance sale

The term “clearance sale” is quite common and familiar to most people in today’s world. One is likely to encounter it online while browsing or walking along stores in a street in a town. Other related terms one is likely to see include women’s clothing on clearance or men’s clothing on clearance, especially if you’re a cloth bargain hunter or shopper.
What is a clearance sale, and why does it matter to sellers and buyers? It is exactly what this post answers below.

What is a Clearance Sale in Clothing? 

Clearance sale is a marketing strategy businesses (often retailers) use to help them manage inventory by offering in-stock items/products at a reduced price with an aim to sell off quickly. Clearance sales are often not meant to profit from the items on sale since the primary goal is to sell off excess or unwanted inventory. Products on clearance sale are usually heavily discounted, and buyers can find amazing deals. Usually, most sellers offer clearance sales at the end of a season or after major holidays. Clearance sales are also called closeout sales.
Apart from clearing out inventory, other reasons that influence one to opt to have certain items on clearance sale include:

1- Increase sales

clearance sales attract a wide range of customers who end up making purchases of items on offer. Often, the idea of comparing a clothing’s sale price to its original price is appealing to most customers, and they end up purchasing such items. Consequently, this helps generate revenue quickly.

2- Helps build brand loyalty and expand customer base

Clearance sales help regular shoppers save money on specific products they like at a lower price point. Additionally, it could attract some customers to become repeat customers of related items at a regular price point.

3- Stand out from the competition

As outlined earlier, clearance sales play a significant part in marketing and can help a business capture customers’ attention and stand out.

What are the Types of Clearance Sales?

There are three common types of clearance sales in the clothing industry. They include:

1- Seasonal clearance sales

Clothing retailers and manufacturers often have clearance sales at the end of each season to help them clear out excess clothing items in stock and create space for inventory meant for the upcoming season. For instance, January and February are the best months for seasonal clearance sales for winter clothing. August and September are the best periods for clearance deals for summer clothing as retailers prepare to stock school clothing for the upcoming back-to-school season.

2- Discounted items clearance 

It’s common to find retailers and brands in the clothing industry offering clearance sales on discounted items, especially those in excess supply or under demand. Consequently, they can manufacture or stock in demand and trendy clothing pieces. However, discounting may mean the seller marks down the pricing by a large margin in an attempt to attract quick sales.

3- Overstock clearance sale

Overstock clearance sales are similar to discounted clearance sales. However, the primary focus of this type of sale is to offload excess clothing inventory that has not sold as expected and has stayed on shelves for a prolonged period.

What are the Benefits of Clearance Sales for Shoppers?

1- Saving on cost

Clothing items on clearance sales are usually sold at high discounted prices, attracting many shoppers since it helps them save on certain purchases. This is ultimately the primary reason shoppers consider clearance sales. For instance, a blazer on clearance sale can cost about $20 instead of $60, allowing a shopper to save $40 on a single purchase.

2- Opportunity to try new clothing items/brands

During a clearance sale period, shoppers may easily find rare/unique clothing items (clearance sales often include a wide variety of items), and they can buy at a fraction of the original price. It’s less risky to shoppers, especially when trying clothing of a different style from what one is used to.

3- Quality deals

In most instances, clearance deals result from overstocking or discounting for marketing and not poor quality, as some people tend to think. Therefore, shoppers can easily find high-quality clothing on clearance deals at relatively lower prices, giving them value for their money.

Where to Find Clothing Clearance Deals?

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